Qriocity is a Museum of Science Technology & Natural History we want to establish in the suburbs of Udupi. This will perhaps be the first museum of its kind in the country because it will be a fusion of Performing Arts & Science. The layout and ideas as well as the exhibits of the museum will be modeled after the exhibits from world-class museums like the Smithsonian Museums, Washington DC, the American Museum of Natural History, New York and the Museum of Science & Industry, Chicago.

    The mission of the proposed museum is to inspire children to become inventors and innovators who will bring India to the forefront of science and technology. Its collections and exhibits will enlighten their minds, ignite their curiosity, and stimulate them to seek careers in science and technology -- not just for money but for challenge and passion. We want the museum to help create the next generation of scientists and technologists who will have lasting impact on humanity: those who will discover cure for diseases, invent machines that assist the old and the infirm, design methods that help preserve nature, and achieve breakthroughs in science and technology.

    The Museum will also strive to improve the quality of education by training the teachers to use innovation in teaching lessons, updating their knowledge, conducting tests to refresh their knowledge.

    The museum will also entertain adults with exhibits on fascinating aspects of natural history, cutting-edge technology, and futuristic science. It will also help people tackle issues that otherwise degrade the quality of community living. Seniors will be involved in stimulating activities and will be trained so as to be productive. The museum will be a major tourist attraction in not just Udupi but all of Coastal Karnataka. The nearest museum is about 400 km away and does not have content on natural history and industry. The proposed museum will be a learning center for children and for adults. It will put Udupi on the map of educational tours throughout the region.

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