These articles are for those who want to learn beyond their school lessons. of course, there is internet. But, then internet is flooded with so much information that a beginner can easily be overwhelmed. We have included some basics required for a good living.

Like most developing countries, Indian curriculum prepares children to qualify for jobs in order to earn a living. But it does not prepare them to live a good life. Once the citizen starts earning, he/she must know enough about Money, Personal Finance and Investing so that he/she makes wise decisions on where to put their money. If citizens make wise investments, government need not take care of them in their old age or if they lose job or fell sick.

Most kids do not have any hobbies or interests (many do not even experience childhood). Since entrance tests for higher education are highly competitive (due to large number of applicants), children begin training for entrance tests (7-8 years in advance) right when they join middle school. Parents are unaware of their kids’ weaknesses/strengths and do not know what interests them. Majority want their children to earn high income. There is only one guaranteed path to achieve this goal i.e., coach the child to score high in the entrance test of a degree that has high potential of making the child rich. Fortunately, Indian government has made this quite easy by measuring their memory and speed rather than their knowledge, intelligence and creativity. But a child may grow up to be rich, but then living an empty life without any interests or hobbies.

We have included some interesting articles that may help children identify their interests and pursue hobbies. Hope these articles will inspire readers to learn more.

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