Last day for Registration: Nov. 1, 2017
Students can sell their video games, DVDs, software, books, schoolbags, stationery, toys or items they created (paintings, craft work, toys, photos, storybooks) at the fair as long as they follow the rules.

1. Sellers must put a price sticker/tag. Price of a single item should not exceed Rs.1000
2. Each school must send a Teacher/Volunteer who will supervise the sellers and the sale activity. Teacher/Volunteer will collect money and give receipts to the buyers.
3. No non-working/damaged items can be sold WITHOUT informing the buyers  (i.e  item condition must be written on it). Any kind of cheating will be reported to the Principal.
4. No pirated or non-original software/video games/movies/books can be sold.
5. For every 20 sellers, the school must send one teacher/volunteer.


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