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ProductQuest: Terrazzo Design Objects

Last day for Registration: Nov.1, 2017

Each school can send up to 3 teams. A team can have a maximum of 4 members. 

What is Terrazzo?

It is a mixture of mostly cement and sand with marble chips, glass pieces, shells and color powder added for decorative purposes. Earliest Terrazzo, made in 8000 BC, was a mixture of limestone, pebbles and silica. In the 1970s, a material similar to Terrazzo was used in floorings known as Mosaic. But it had only granite chips and limited colors. Also, the flooring had to be poured in place and polished. The process was messy and dusty. Now with new materials like liquid plastic and resin, Terrazzo has again become a popular choice of flooring and countertop material in the United States. Ready-made sheets are available just like granite and marble. Unlike marble and granite, which have pores that can harbor dirt and bacteria and therefore need periodical sealing, Terrazzo is totally impermeable if coated with epoxy resin coating. It is also resistant to stains.

You will be making decorative or functional objects from Terrazzo using materials of your choice. No need to coat with epoxy resin

Wear gloves. Mix sand and cement (ratio 2: 1). Add water to make the mixture workable. You can add clay or children’s clay putty, sawdust, glue or liquid plastic to make your dough more pliable. Choose plastic bottles and containers as moulds for your objects. Or make cardboard moulds. Add pieces of bangles, zhari cloth, beads, glitter, color, glass pieces etc for decorative purposes. Here are some examples from the web:










1st row: Made from concrete mixed with clay: A flower vase; desk accessories and clock

2nd row: Made from mixing concrete with glass pieces and marble chips: candle holders, bowls and st

3rd row: Made from concrete and granite chips: planters, desk top accessories and coffee mug.

Bring your items to BrainQuest. You should name your brand of Terrazzo and come up with a one-sentence advertising line not exceeding 10 words. All of this should be done in advance. At BrainQuest, present your Terrazzo design objects and try to sell them to judges. Judges evaluate the Terrazzo objects based on the following criteria.

Functionality – 15 points
Attractiveness and style – 10 points
Answering questions - 10 points
Least Price - 5 points
Design and Innovation - 10 points
Marketing Skills - 15 points

Taking professional help/kits, copying commercial advertisements and using commercial items and/or their advertising lines will result in negative scores.


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