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Give your students more than just the curriculum; give them opportunity to create and innovate with what they have learned from their lessons. Enroll in our Electronics & Robotics Program and/or Fun Science Program. Our hands-on activities are designed to spark curiosity and develop spatial skills. Our unique materials and original lesson plans keep your children engaged for hours. We are not a for-profit organization that takes shortcuts at the expense of your students. We are accomplished scientists who want to change our dictatorial, repetitive, memorizing learning methods to the modern democratic methods that encourage kids to think, question and innovate..

Our friendly instructors can train your students in their familiar environment at a time that is convenient to them. You can have your own teaching staff assess your students’ involvement. Even the most rebellious, inattentive kids have found inspiration from our activities.

Indian curriculum is text-book based but real world jobs require people to solve practical problems. Entrance tests are designed to measure students’ memory skills and their ability to replicate or reproduce what they have learned. If you have doubts, try this. Allow students to refer to their text books in tests and see the dramatic change in rank holders performance vs others.

What is wrong with this system?
Rank-holders and winners of quiz/general knowledge competitions are not necessarily going to be the successful alumni. In fact, majority of them end up doing the same job for decades without promotion because they were not trained to think. They risk losing their jobs to younger generation just because they could be creative. Knowing how long is the longest bridge in the world is not going to make them indispensable. You can easily replace them with a phone that has internet connection. But knowing how to build the longest bridge in a Fun Science class can help them become a superstar structural engineer or an architect. Many students have identified their area of interest after participating in our activities.

Our programs have helped disadvantaged kids to learn English, develop self-confidence and participate in science fairs without any guidance from teachers. We also train children from failing schools to give demonstrations at BrainQuest, help them overcome fear and develop competitive spirit. Give your students a chance to break the mould!

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